Friday, October 1, 2010

Week 6

 The photo above is a picture that I took on a tree right outside of the school. It appears to be a mushroom of some sort growing out of it.  I took this picture laying down on the ground looking up at them from the bottom.
 In this picture I took a rose from the garden and set it on the fence. The fence is old and almost ready to fall over but I like how the picture captures the lines and details of the fence and then the flower just adds color and something different into the picture. "Something beautiful always lies within the ugly" - Anonymous.
 This picture is taken at the base of a pole out at the airport. The pole has a windsock on the top for pilots to see which direction the wind is blowing. The pole is slightly rusted. I took this picture as the sun was going down.
 This picture is again at the airport. I took it so that the main focus was the pole and the barbwire.
In the last picture I took this at the school. It is a rusted fire hydrant that had a few rocks around it.