Friday, September 10, 2010

Week 3

In the picture to the left I took a colored photo of tulips made it black and white. Then placed a graffiti background on top of it.  I enhanced the coloring in the graffiti picture a little bit to make it pop a bit more in the back ground of the flowers.

In the picture the right is a picture I took and just placed a texture on it and adjusted the brightness and contrast to what I liked best.  I picked the texture I did because I thought it made the stuff closer to us have a different look and I liked how it made the stuff in the background look a little blurred.

The picture to the left. I added a green feather for texture and then messed with colors in it to make a blue tint. I then used the paint brush and erase tool to make the "KTD" pop away from the background.

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